Welcome To Cuckooland

Visitors to Cuckooland will be astonished at the variety, quality and ingenuity associated with this ancient craft, which is regarded as the most important of any collection of its type in Britain, Europe, and the World.

As well as having this unique collection of Cuckoo Clocks, Cuckooland also offers visitors the opportunity to view a large collection of Authentic Black Forest tools and machines as well as a Vintage Motorcycle Collection the two brothers have collected over the years. The experienced Cuckoo clock horologists are also proud to offer a Clock Repair Service

The cuckooland museum is situated in Tabley, Knutsford Cheshire and would like to welcome you to visit, and view the magnificent variety of cuckoo clocks regarded as the most important collection in the world. The collection has been brought together by brothers Roman and Maz Piekarski who, as foremost horologists and clock restorers, have sought and renovated the rarest and most notable examples over careers of 40 years. They began restoring Cuckoo clocks to there former glory at the age of 15 they have a keen eye to find, research and restore antique cuckoo clocks.

The craft of cuckoo clock making started over 300 years ago. Their research has taken them worldwide to bring you the collection exhibited here, and they have dedicated the rest of their working lives towards improving and completing the collection. The cuckooland museum has clocks that are mostly rare and unique, and combine a number of ingenious methods of time telling. You will also see "Cuckoo And Quail Clocks, and other associated musical movements, which will play at intervals throughout your visit including a 43 Keyless Gebbruder Bruder concert organ.

From young to old, all age groups will thouroughly enjoy the Tours the Cuckooland museum has to offer. Children can learn about the importance of time whilst others can fully digest the rarity and the uniqueness of the wonderful clocks on display and learn the History behind them. Examples on display include a cuckoo and echo clock, this model is one of the rarest of its kind, and with the help of bellows and whistles makes fascinating realistic cuckoo sounds.

To see a selection of the beautiful collection view the Gallery or we have a DVD available to buy.
Here's a short clip of the DVD, which is also on Youtube